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Revolutionary Powerful Non-Toxic Concrete Remover!

This aggressive, noncorrosive formula is the easiest and safest way to remove cement build up! 
Dissolvacrete is the first non-corrosive cleaning compound designed specifically to remove build-up from cement manufacturing, processing, handling and transportation equipment. The chemical does the work for you – and your equipment comes out clean, without any chipping or hammering!

Tough, Yet Safe

Dissolvacrete’s non-corrosive formula means that even sensitive engine components, including radiators, can be cleaned without fear of damage. Dissolvacrete is safe on virtually everything. Use it to remove cement, concrete, Limescale, and all other mineral deposits.

Dissolvacrete can be applied with a low-pressure foaming sprayer, or brush and bucket. One application of the product will remove light build-up. Moderate to severe build-up may require regular applications over a period of days or weeks. Dilutions will vary depending on preference and frequency of use.