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Mono CMM253

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Mono CMM253 Specification
  • Ports (Inch's): 1"
  • Max Head (m): 35
  • Max Flow (l/m): 26.5
  • Power (kW) 230v: 0.37
  • Voltage: 230
  • Self-priming
  • Simple design
  • Ideal for viscous liquids
  • Pumping admixture
  • Small drainage applications
Compact design 

In this sense Mono ‘M’ means ‘mini’. The largest model in the range occupies little more than half a cubic foot of space, and requires less than half as much again for in-situ dismantling and maintenance.

Pumping principle 

A helical rotor revolves eccentrically within a resilient double helix stator of twice the pitch. The rotor turning within the stator forms cavities which progress uniformly from suction to discharge, carrying the material with them.

Reliable performance 

The Mono M range will satisfy the toughest duties. Just like the larger industrial pumps that have a long record of success in all sorts of demanding duties, the M range can handle viscous liquids and random solids. It features an abrasion and chemical resistant stator, a precision-engineered stainless steel rotor, a mechanically sealed drive shaft and a close-grained cast iron pump housing.

Easy maintenance 

Space isn’t the only economy with the Mono M range. Being simply designed and easily dismantled, maintenance work is minimal, requiring no special skills or tools.

Positive pumping action 

To ensure steady output pressure and non-pulsing flow with minimal slippage, the pump operates on the progressing cavity pumping principle. A very useful feature when pumping heating oil to burner nozzles, for example.


Fully self-priming, the Mono M range achieves suction lifts up to 26ft (8m). This means that it can be mounted accessibly and well clear of the liquid level.

Smooth, silent running 

The pump’s smooth action and resilient rubber stator ensure quiet running - a very desirable feature for domestic installations.


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